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Guidon AUTUM 4 Pcs Nosetracker Bar 9′


With this bar we only had one thing in mind – to give our french teamrider and overall weapon CHARLES PATY the chance to realize his thoughts about a modern FLATSTREETWHATEVER allroud handlebar. We are honoured that he did this for us and the result is crazy good. This 4 piece bar is definitly your choice if you like to ride in both worlds Flat & Street on a high level. We chose the name NOSETRACKER because of Charles´crazy Nosewheelie variations.

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  • Poids 750 grs
  • Hauteur 9’’
  • Largeur 29,6’’ (751mm)
  • Multi butted
  • Backsweep 10°
  • Upsweep: 2,2°
  • Couleurs: Translucent matte black & chrome

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